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Former Air Force Top Gun, Robert “Cujo” Teschner, builds on his work as the U.S. Air Force’s Subject Matter Expert on the fighter pilot Debrief as an instructor at the renowned U.S. Air Force Weapons School. He’s adapted the Air Force’s high-performing team approach to Debriefing and introduced this process to help organizations achieve their best, building contexts within which teams can thrive. Among the many important concepts Rob brings forward, he highlights that there’s a difference between “task work” and “teamwork.” Unfortunately, most organizations are only focused on task work at the expense of team skills. He also highlights how organizations must organize to develop trust; they build Psychological Safety, a condition where people feel safe to talk about the truth. To build Psychological Safety, leaders must learn to become vulnerable and admit their faults. Only through their modeling behavior will they inspire people to act the same. Cujo’s main point is that ritualizing the practice of debriefing can increase team performance significantly, allowing individuals and organizations to achieve new levels of success. Most importantly, through ritualizing positive, forward-focused accountability, the team builds absolute ownership–a necessary evolution in a world full of defensiveness, excuses, justifications, and blame.
In the end, the key to an organization’s long-term success is its practice of accountability. And the key to the organization’s practice of accountability is the degree to which its leaders hold themselves and their teams accountable for their decisions. Since World War I, high-performing fighter teams have practiced this version of accountable leadership. Debrief to Win is the resource every organization needs to start improving NOW. It’s also the resource every team needs to build a context where they can finally thrive. Debrief to Win is a book that applies to all aspects of human performance, from the boardroom to the dining room, from high-performing professional teams to family teams of only two people. The Debrief is a life skill with far-reaching ramifications. This book offers deep insight into how individuals and organizations can harness this powerful tool for personal and professional gain.



A Journey Through Military Aviation Leadership is where Combat-Proven Senior Military Leaders share insights into their military aviation leadership journey as they continue to challenge and empower themselves and others to achieve their true potential.

Our military is known for the ability to cultivate leaders who make life-and-death decisions to shape the future of our nation with limited information on accelerated timelines. Mentorship is the key secret to consistent and accelerated military leadership development. To grow, evolve, and mature at the accelerated rate required for military leaders, we surround ourselves with others similar in purpose, passion, drive, and determination. And these connections are never one-way; they require open communication with two-way mentorship and advice. These purposeful peers provide a unique growth platform with no repercussions on an open discussion with both an expectation and a requirement for truth. The truth about what we did right, what we did wrong, and what we could contribute to each other behind the scenes. These military mentorship masterminds continue to grow in value as each of us finds ourselves facing new challenges in the corporate world. We in no way think we have the answers, only that we are willing to devote time to become more tomorrow than we are today. And we are willing to invest in others because we know that is how we grow ourselves.

Personal & professional growth is our responsibility… It is our task to surround ourselves with those who empower and challenge us to enable us to achieve our True Potential.



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